Iced Cappuccinos

Iced Cappuccinos

Step aside Tim Hortons, no more waiting in the drive-through to get my iced capp fix when it’s so easy to make at home thanks to DeLonghi’s Eletta automatic espresso machine. With a tap on the sensor touch control panel, you can become a barista in your own home.


I never considered myself to be a great coffee barista. I worked in a bakery for a short time and I remember always forgetting how much milk to add depending on the type of coffee it was. Put me and a manual coffee machine in the same room and we will not be friends. DeLonghi’s Eletta automatic espresso machine solves this problem for me because I can be a barista with the tap of a button and have coffee ready for everyone in a flash. Fill the tank with water, add your coffee beans and pour your favorite milk into the milk compartment and you’re ready to get your barista on – no training required. I love that the Eletta grinds the beans for every cup so you always have the freshest cup of coffee!

My favorite thing about the Eletta is the Latte Crema System because it makes rich, thick foam that truly lasts in your cup. I have always been a huge foam fan. I remember being at my aunt’s house as a grade-schooler and drinking a cup of foamy milk (with a sprinkle of cocoa powder on top to feel fancy of course) from her espresso machine and that was my favorite drink while the adults had their coffee time. Now I get to be in charge of barista duties with confidence thanks to the Eletta.

I love enjoying an almond milk cappuccino with a sprinkle of cocoa powder on top. The Latte Crema System froths up dairy and non-dairy milk alike. I love using unsweetened almond milk and the foam it produces is unreal – seriously way better than any coffee shop. The Eletta is also fully automatic which results in minimal cleaning – score!


This iced cappuccino recipe is super easy to make and only requires a blender. Not going to lie, I’ve had one too many Tim Horton’s iced capps this summer but I’m glad to now be able to make them at home.


Compared to Tim Hortons, when you make these iced cappuccinos at home you can:

1. Always ensure you’re getting fresh coffee

2. Control the amount of sugar in your drinks

3. Choose the type of milk you want in your drinks

4. Ensure that there are no artificial flavours & colours


Iced Cappuccino (serves 2)



  1. Using DeLonghi’s Eletta, make 2 cappuccinos. Let cappuccinos cool (this will ensure that all the ice doesn’t melt right away, making a better ice capp texture).
  2. In a blender, pour in cappuccinos and add maple syrup, vanilla and ice (or frozen milk cubes). Blend on high until you have a blended texture. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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